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Don't Be Fooled By Misleading Words On Food Labels

Two of the most misleading words you’ll find on food labels here in the United States are “local” and “natural.” Large industry suppliers for foods like honey, eggs, and cheese have figured out that featuring the words local and natural on food labels motivates consumers to purchase their products and often pay a much higher price.

The problem is that local and natural claims are not regulated by the FDA and in reality can mean absolutely nothing. Investigations by food safety and consumer advocate groups show an industry filled with corruption that is willing to say anything, no matter if it’s true or not, to get our dollars.

What do we do? Eating “local” foods is a great idea if they are truly local. Visit farmers markets but don’t assume. Talk to the vendors, ask where their farms are located and what their farming practices are like. Visit U-Pick farms where you can also ask about their growing practices and see for yourself.

Or, best yet, round up the kids and start a family project growing vegetables, berries, and fruits in your backyard – organically for real.

by Deanna Latson (Facebook Tips)

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