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The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) released results from its Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, revealing that 75 percent of 2,000 US adults surveyed regularly take dietary supplements.

Remarkably, these results are keeping in line with a 10-year consistency of the majority of adults using supplements. “If you look back 10 years ago to 2005, usage was 64 percent,” explains Judy Blatman, Vice President of Communications at CRN. “Since then it has fluctuated between 64 and 69 percent. But if you consider that the adult population is growing, it’s impressive that we’ve stayed consistent at that two-thirds mark.”

As someone in the two-thirds category, you should be providing your body with the highest quality supplementation that you can find. Luckily, we have Nutrifii.

Nutrifii, is ARIIX’s line of premium supplements. We’ve carefully crafted blends that combine the essential nutrients you need. Nutrifii pairs optimal doses of vitamins along with their corresponding coenzymes to help prevent disease and protect cells.

To ensure that your body has the best protection, make Nutrifii your source for supplementation.

Learn more about Nutrifii HERE.

Click here for full results of the CRN survey.

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