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The Most Important Ingredient For Nutrition That Most People Forget About

Actualizado: 24 de ago de 2017

Think about what you had for breakfast this morning, or what you had for lunch. Did you stop and consider who made that food, the quality of their ingredients, what policies they had in place, what systems and procedures their employees follow? If you’re like most people, you don’t think about these things until something goes wrong. However, the most important ingredient you should be thinking about when it comes to nutrition is—quality!

Why does quality matter so much? The sad truth is that many companies do nothing more than pay lip-service to quality. In fact, they often abandon necessary quality controls when they become inconvenient or get in the way of growth and profit—and that affects all of us.

On Feb 2, 2015, the Attorney General of New York accused several dietary supplement manufacturers of fraudulently selling supplements that did not meet label claims.

  • Through testing, the Attorney General’s office determined that 80% of the supplements they looked at didn’t contain what was declared on the label, and ordered these retailers to remove the products in question from their shelves.

  • These supplements were sold through major US retailers, including: Walmart, Target, GNC, and Walgreens —companies that consumers trust, and places that people believe they can walk into and get a safe, effective product.

This is nothing new. Over the past three years in the United States, federal inspectors have noted that seven out of 10 facilities that make nutritional products violated regulations intended to ensure products are safe—violations ranging from hygiene and sanitation to raw material control to lab testing.

The bottom line is, with this kind of allegedly fraudulent or careless activity in the nutrition industry, how do you know who to trust? How do you know that you can trust ARIIX?

Let’s be honest, quality isn’t easy. It’s not cheap to build in quality at each step of the process, and as a result the majority of manufacturers do the minimum required. Instead of looking at what they should do to ensure quality and peace-of-mind, they focus on what they must do to meet regulations.

Here at ARIIX, we maintain an utter commitment to providing the highest possible quality in all of our products. Take for example Omega-Q. We maintain such high standards of quality testing that Omega-Q was tested and approved by ConsumerLab.com, a respected, independent, third-party company that tests health products to help consumers and healthcare professionals make safe purchasing decisions. ConsumerLab.com tests health products for strength, purity, and disintegration to determine whether the product is what it claims to be. Known for keeping health and nutritional companies honest about their product claims, the company has tested over 3,400 products since 1999 and freely publishes its testing methods for public consumption. Many products that ConsumerLab.com selects for testing fail. In fact, a recent study showed 1 in 3 vitamins tested by ConsumerLab.com was improperly labeled — typically because the product did not contain the amount of nutrients claimed on the label.

ARIIX far exceeds the minimum requirements. For our example of Omega-Q, we use only United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certified fish oils that also exceed rigorous global quality and purity standards including those established by the European Union, Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Health Canada, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The CoQ10 in Omega-Q is also one of the most thoroughly-tested pure co-enzyme Q10s available today, produced exclusively through a natural fermentation process, resulting in fewer impurities than other processed CoQ10 may contain.

This is just one example of our rigorous quality standards throughout all we do. ARIIX maintains a continuous and deep commitment to quality. We guarantee our quality. In fact, we promise that you’re getting the highest-quality product possible, and we put that promise on every bottle, box, and pouch. This is our Gold Standard.

—Tom Jackson, Executive Director–Product Development and Regulatory Affairs

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