ARIIX the Opportunity of Health for business professionals who don't compromise
Perfect income stream and residual income for personal trainers and fitness instructors
Gym, Spa, wellness centers - massive income opportunity. Offer products that your customers are already buying
Best in Class, Toxic-Free Nutrional, Weight Loss and Beauty Products your clients will rave about
Health & Beauty Opportunity for Business Professionals = Residual Income, Retail Cash Flow & $1 for $1 Travel Rewards! 
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Do you OWN Your Life?

You're on this page because you are looking for more time, money or better health. Read through the valuable information on this page and start your journey to time and financial freedom. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, the information you will receive is invaluable...and FREE!

Are YOU Ready?

Be a Representative

As a representative, we will train you and your team for success. You can enroll other representatives and create leveraged residual income, earning commission on their sales as well as retail profits.


You will have access to your personal websites along with many marketing tools. Also the option of having Spa parties, join webinars, conferences and conventions to further your business and personal knowledge and growth, and learn from the most successful people in the industry.

Excellent Income Stream

Our products are an Excellent income stream and Cash Flow for doctors, spas, salons, laser treatment centers, bridals shops, personal trainers, fitness instructors and anyone that is passionate about helping others and creating a brighter future. 

There are no sales quotas and there are great tax advantages in North America. 

We have a patent-pending compensation plan and retail profits created to give the greatest benefit to the representative. No other company, that we know of, can beat it.

Business Owner - Ground Floor Opportunity

We are looking for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be the first in market to build their ARIIX team and secure their priority position within the company.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity in a $121 Billion Dollar global market and we are looking for representatives to share these amazing products.


Now is your chance to be "THE ONE" IN YOUR AREA that shares the benefits and build your very own business ... the one you have always dreamed of. 

What is Network/Multi-Level Marketing?


Network marketing/multi-level marketing takes advantage of exactly what it states: multilevels, many levels of people marketing a product together. This is to be distinguished from the way or method of how most people earn a living, however, most people don't live the dream of owning their own business. For example, a professional in the health care or beauty industry might see fifty patients/clients per day and charge for the time spent and procedures followed in seeing each of those patients or clients. He/she then would bill an insurance company or the patient would pay in cash/check/credit card. This is an example of "linear" income or, simply put, "a day's work for a day's pay."


One can achieve great success in linear income, particularly if he has built a successful practice or client base, and as long as the business remains open and he/she continues to work.


The ARIIX way of earning income is the residual method in which, for example, an insurance salesman builds up a clientele over many years and receives residual income each time somebody renews. Earning residuals is also quite popular in syndication of TV series for actors. Generally speaking, many people in entertainment earn substantial sums in this manner.


Multilevel marketing is not a linear income method, but a residual income opportunity - one that may have income flowing in for a lifetime, even when you are no longer working. In the Network Marketing/MLM scenario, ARIIX is the manufacturer of the product to be marketed to consumers and we flourish by word of mouth advertising through company brand ambassadors/business partners.  MLM is a fascinating way to introduce new products because the start-up costs are considerably less for the representative and a great deal of money can be spent for Gold Standard product quality since those dollars don't need to be spent for advertising by ARIIX.  And, the products can't be found in big box stores where it's hard for the representatives to compete.

Robert Kiyosaki's ESBI Cashflow Quadrant

 Here are what the letters in each quadrant represent:

  • Employee: Employees earn income by working for other people.

  • Self-employed worker: Self-employed people earn income by working for themselves – they own their jobs.

  • Business owner: Business owners earn income from the businesses they own

  • Investor: Investors earn income from their investments – from money generating more money

Everyone is at least on one spot of the quadrant. Generally speaking, people in the B and I quadrants reach their financial goals more quickly than people in the E and S quadrants. The good news for you, if you inhabit the left side of the quadrant, is that you don’t have to be stuck there. You can move to the right side. Indeed, if you want to be financially free with leveraged cash flow and residual income you have to move to the right side. Moving quadrants is a matter of choice and financial education.

Are You a Health, Beauty, Wellness or Service Industry Business Owner?


Do you see the "Value Ladder" in your profession associated with ARIIX products and what your clients need or want? More specifically, you want to create a "Hub and Spokes" model for longevity,  profitability and cash flow for your business: The "hub" is the core product or service you offer and the "spokes" are all the accessories and peripherals that "enhance" the core product and experience for your clients or patients.

Hub and spokes business model for ARIIX

Hub & Spokes Model

ARIIX Business Solutions

Where do you find an opportunity that provides unlimited income possibilities, is global, has no employees or inventory stocking requirements, and gives you the time flexibility to live your dream lifestyle? Well, that’s what we want to share with you today, the Opportunity Company, ARIIX.
We have real people getting real results with our products and motivated entrepreneurs making real money every day all across the world. If they can do it you can too. We’ve built the business to support you. 
Best in Class - Nutrifii provides a collection of premium supplements that give your body the nutritional support it needs for optimum health.
Slenderiiz is the only healthy and natural weight management system of its kind and shows improved results over diet and exercise alone.
Best in Class - Puritii protects you from air and water pollutants that directly impact your health every day.
Best in Class - Reviive personal care products are packed with all-natural and certified organic ingredients.
Each uniquely effective formula of Priime brings you the best of ancient tradition and modern scientific knowledge.
Jouvé is a revolutionary skincare brand with a selection of high-performance products that reveals true, youthful brilliance.

Can You Imagine the Possibilities?

ARIIX the Opportunity of Health

If you're not offering your clients The Opportunity of Health and wellness, you are missing out on a MASSIVE, lifetime of residual income!

Retail Sales Profit & MORE!


$16 billion industry - feel good

Medical Economics estimates a typical clinic, after one year, receives $1,400 in additional net income each month, per service provider. "It's not a hard sell; they don't have to do anything...most sales take place while patients are waiting in the lobby..." This is simply from literature in the waiting area that directs clients to a website or product displays.

  • Nutrifii supplements are pharmaceutical grade, clinical strength, 100% potency guaranteed, toxic-free

  • Priime essential oils - Priime ICE alleviates pain in joints and muscles, Priime Escape is developed for headaches and migraines

Bridal Shops-Wedding Services

$76 billion Industry - feel good, look good

How many brides have you worked with who just needed to lose 10 or 20 pounds to get into that perfect dress? How many need a non-toxic skincare product that will make them camera ready on their big day?  The weight loss and beauty industry combined is $31 billion and growing. According to ABC/2020, 108 million people in the US are on a diet at any given time.

  • Jouve Skincare is toxic-free and clinically tested

  • Slenderiiz Weight Management is homeopathic & one of a kind


$15 billion industry - feel good

According to Chiropractor Economics, 90% of DC's offer supplement to their clients, ranging from $500 to $20k revenue per month - this depends on size, emphasis and how aggressive the staff is.

  • Slenderiix Recognized as the Most Innovative Weight Loss Product by EquityLabs Inc.

  • Nutrifii Optimal Supplements, Magnical-D, Biopro-Q & Vinali received the "Informed Sport" Certification, Approval & Endorsement


$2 billion industry - feel good, look good

Dermascope online reports that retail sales to service ratio should be 25 to 50 percent of the total services offered. Aestheticians who have learned to enjoy and become better retailers could be selling as much in retail as in services.

  • Jouve Skincare awarded prestigious "EWG Verified Status" for toxic-free ingredients, full transparency & good manufacturing practice

  • Jouve Skincare awarded "Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certification

  • Priime Oils rejuvenate and relax

  • Nutrifii Restoriix detoxification, activated charcoal, micronized zeolite, and chlorella to eliminate toxic elements and used for safe exfoliation and facial masks

  • Beauty is created from the inside out from proper nutrition from Nutrifii supplements

Hair Stylist-Beauty-Cosmetologist

$44 billion industry - feel good, look good indicates that every product sold to a client increases retention and the likelihood they will return by 30%, which makes a sustainable salon.

  • Hair Care is a 44 Billion Dollar Industry & is racing to 60 Billion

  • Reviive Shampoo & Conditioner clinically tested, organic & toxic-free

  • Jouve Skincare received Gold award from "Gold Bridge Awards" for clinical "White Paper and Research Reports"

Massage Therapists

$16 billion industry - feel good

  • Priime Oils are organic, clinically tested for purity and we only have 4 easy blends designed for simplicity and effectiveness

Nail Technicians

$11 billion industry - feel good, look good

  • ARIIX received the PETA Official Cruelty-Free Certificate

  • Jouve Skincare Tightening Serum is like "Botox in a bottle" - results in 90 seconds or less

Personal-Athletic Trainers

$9 billion industry - feel good, look good says 80% of Americans already buy supplements, and typically spend an average of $50/month (though in the fitness world, this amount tends to be higher). If you had 200 members in your center and only 30% purchased (those who might trust you the most), that's an additional $2k revenue per month. This does not include weight management and other high potential cross-sells like oils for sore muscles and wellness & filtered water bottles.

  • Our Athletes Council is comprised of knowledgeable sports professionals who broaden our understanding of this important market

  • Slenderiiz Weight Management & Nutrifii Nutritional Supplements received the "Informed Sport" Certification, Approval & Endorsement

  • Puritii Water Bottle filter received the Best Of State as best sports and recreation product

  • MOA Superfood earned the Silver Stevie award

  • Kosher Certificate received for PureNourish Dietary Supplement Shakes

  • Certified for Olympic Athletes and Sports Programs

  • Nutrifii Optimals, Magnical-D, Biopro-Q & Vinali received the "Informed Sport" Certification, Approval & Endorsement


$10 billion industry - look good

  • Jouve Skincare reduces fine line and wrinkles in 90 seconds or less

  • Lessens the need for heavy makeup and photo shopping

  • Feel good, look good product opportunity to introduce to clients


$237 billion industry - feel good, look good

76% of physicians sell supplements. According to Consumer Reports, Industry analysts predict that health-care practitioners could be among the fastest-growing sales channels for supplements over the next decade - the supplement business is over $27 billion.

  • Nutrifii Optimals, Magnical-D, Biopro-Q & Vinali received the "Informed Sport" Certification, Approval & Endorsement

  • Nutrifii Optimals V & M and Vinali are in the PDR - Physicians Desk Reference

  • Reviive Toothpaste is Organic, Toxic-Free and Fluoride-Free

Psychologist-Behavior Therapist

$22 billion industry - feel good

  • Getting what you need when you need it is the game of life. The Nutrifii Know Yourself Nutrition program reflects our philosophy that your body serves you best when these three categories are optimally supported: Cleanse, Fortify & Boost

  • Well being is not only rooted in balance, but also simplicity. Priime Oils are the easy, natural solution to restore harmony in life. Through expert blending methods and the purest ingredients, the infinite powers of essential oils are now available with Priime.

Best in Class Products for  First-Class Professionals (Just a few examples of professions that benefit from ARIIX)

Steve Swartz at the Dentist

Dentist Office ARIIX Product Display

Priime Oils at the Spa

ARIIX Priime Oils at the Spa on Display

ARIIX Products - Mall Kiosk

Representative Mall Kiosk display of ARIIX products

Jouve at the Salon

ARIIX Jouve at the Salon display

ARIIX Product Counter Display

ARIIX Product Counter Display

Jouve Display at a Salon and Spa

ARIIX Jouve Display at a Salon and Spa

Nutrifii Counter Display - Doctor

ARIIX Nutrifii Doctor's Office counter top display

Jouve at the checkout counter

ARIIX Jouve at the checkout counter

Moa Superfood display

ARIIX Moa Superfood display

Jouve display

ARIIX Jouve display

Jouve Display Case

ARIIX Jouve Display Case

Examples of Business Owners displaying ARIIX products in their store or office.  Some owners will stock product to sale retail, others will make "empty bottle displays" or provide brochures/placards and clients will order from professional ARIIX websites.

ARIIX certificates and awards. Business to business solution

Certificates & Awards


Nutrifii Supplements Brand:                 


  • Optimal-V - FULL-SPECTRUM VITAMIN THERAPY - listed in the PDR - Physicians Desk Reference

  • Optimal-M - COMPREHENSIVE MINERAL SUPPORT - listed in the PDR - Physicians Desk Reference

  • Vinali - FEEL-GOOD ANTIOXIDANTS - anti-inflammatory - grape seed extract  - Listed in the PDR - Physicians Desk Reference

  • Restoriix - DETOXIFICATION & pH Balance SIMPLIFIED



  • Biopro-Q - ENERGY AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL - CoQ10 - Ubiquinol

  • Magnical-D - TARGETED CALCIUM DELIVERY - magnesium/calcium

  • MOA - 36 SUPERFOODS IN ONE POTENT FORMULA - on the go pouches


Slenderiiz Healthy Weight Loss Brand: 

  • Slenderiix & Xceler8 - The One-of-A-Kind, Homeopathic, Revolutionary Weight Loss Drops - no yoyo rebound weight - appetite inhibitor - metabolism booster 

  • PureNourish - Meal Replacement shakes (plant based)

    • Power Boost & Beauty Boost

    • For ALL Human body types and digestive systems

Puritii Air & Water Brand:                       

  • Pure Water -  TRITAN WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM - on the go water source - safest water filter on the planet - drink from any water source except salt water

  • Pure Air - 11 stage, Beyond Hepa-type air filter - for home and office - hospital grade

Reviive Spa Personal Care Brand:                  

  • Organic Shampoo

  • Organic Conditioner

  • Organ Body Wash

  • Organic Toothpaste

Priime Essential Oils Brand:                    





  • Coconut Oil - FRACTIONATED

(Our "Oils for Dummies" approach to essential oils - did you know there are over 300 different oils that other companies offer - ARIIX has 4 unique blends that encompass every need)

Jouve Skincare Brand:                              

  • Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum - like Botox in a bottle (but without the toxins)

  • Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream

  • Nourishing Night Cream

(Did you know that your skin is a "carrier not a barrier"? It takes less than 30 seconds for harmful chemicals to enter your bloodstream. ARIIX products are 100% toxic-free. Check out our Never Ever List)

 Product Quality Assurance   

  • Purest and best sourced ingredients on the planet

  • 100% Toxic-Free from start to finish

  • Independent/3rd Party Testing 

  • Guarantee 100% Potency

  • Manufactured in Pharmaceutical-Grade Facility

  • FDA Over The Counter Certification

          Compensation Plan +     

  • Details here

  • NEW! ARIIX Travel Rewards - Earn $1 for $1 with ALL Purchases and Get Access to "Backend" Wholesale Travel Unavailable to the General Public

  • #1 Calculated, #1 Voted - Worldwide

  • 51% Commission + Retail Profits

  • Powerful Revenue Stream with Lifetime Residual Income

  • On-Line Product Store included

  • Customer Service, Inventory & Logistics taken care of for you

  • Offer products your clients are already buying

  • Free Personal and Group Training 

  • Win Exotic Vacations

  • Create Lifetime Friendships & Work side by side with the Best in the Business 


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Let's Talk


We are hosting brief introductory conference calls (live ZOOM one-on-one webinars), pick your time slot by clicking on the ZOOM Button. This ZOOM webinar is Free, you only need an internet/wifi connection. We can also connect via Skype if that is a better option for you. We are limiting the meetings to just a one-on-one, as we would like to be able to answer questions that you might have. The call should only last 30-45 mins. If you're open to learning more, please  book your appointment and we will send you webinar details once you reserve your spot. Any questions you may have...

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ARIIX is Disruptive by Design™


Disruptive by Design™, ARIIX is intentional about our efforts to change the industry, change lives and change the world through our dedication to developing efficacious products and services, as well as our commitment to integrity, unity and disrupting the industry with innovative practices, a Representative-first approach and the ability to build a business based on your terms. We believe everyone deserves to experience the opportunity to change their life.

To hold ourselves accountable to our own standard and provide you the very best, we subject ourselves to the most stringent regulations and testing of all of our brands, from ingredients to parts to manufacturing: